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Rhinoplasty in Monterrey, México

Dr Mauricio Marcos Fahme

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Dr. Mauricio Marcos Fahme is recognized as one of the best rhinoplasty plastic surgeons in Mexico and regularly receives referrals from fellow plastic surgeons who entrust him with their patients requiring complex nasal operations. You can trust that your procedure will be performed by a surgeon who is intimately familiar with the wide range of anatomical differences and challenges inherent in this procedure.

About Dr. Marcos Fahme

Dr. Marcos-Fahme is one of the most internationally renowned plastic surgeons. With thousands of cases and more than 25 years of experience in nose surgery. Dr. Marcos-Fahme completed a two-year postgraduate course perfecting his knowledge of aesthetic plastic surgery in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


If you think about having a nose job, visit Dr. Marcos.
I always wanted to have my nose done. It was my biggest complex. I went to several doctors. Dr. Marcos Fahme was the kindest and explained the entire procedure perfectly to me in the best way. The treatment of your staff was excellent. The luxury hospital. The surgery was a complete success with a painless and uncomplicated recovery.


I visited the top 3 rhinoplasty surgeons in Monterrey. Dr. Marcos was the one who answered my questions and resolved all my doubts. The results exceeded my expectations. It was definitely the best decision I made.


I decided to have my nose done because he was highly recommended to me as the best nose surgeon. I am very happy with my result. The attention of all its staff as well as the treatment exceeded all my expectations. Dr. Marcos’ experience and dedication is second to none. I had no discomfort after the surgery and my nose looks beautiful and natural. Several friends have already had surgery with him and also with excellent results.

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Monterrey, México

Monterrey is not only the capital of Nuevo León; It is also considered the industrial capital of Mexico. In the metropolitan area is San Pedro Garza García, one of the most developed municipalities in the country, and the city is the headquarters of important industrial and financial groups, as well as international emporiums of world prestige. In a few words, Monterrey is a dynamic business center.

The city has also become very attractive for medical tourism as it has certified hospitals, renowned doctors and specialists in all fields.

Another reason why Monterrey attracts more and more medical tourism is its wide range of direct flights, with 32 domestic and 16 international destinations. The latter are Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Havana, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orlando, Panama, San Antonio, Tokyo and Seoul. The duration of the flight from any city in the United States with a direct connection is less than four hours.

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